2 Options if You Aren’t a Viable Candidate For Dental Implants

If you have teeth missing due to gum disease, decay or other issues, you may have been all set to get dental implants. Unfortunately, it may have been determined that for a variety of reasons, you are not a good candidate for such treatment. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have other options. In fact, today’s world of modern dentistry offers many treatment options for patients who can’t get dental implants. If you are desperate to get your smile restored, here are some alternatives for you and your Reseda, CA dentist consider.

1. Partial Dentures

If you happen to be missing only a few teeth, especially ones that are next to one another, a partial denture in Reseda, CA can be the solution to your problem. Removable and consisting of a gum base and replacement teeth, it will attach to your supporting teeth. In some cases, a crown will need to be installed on your supporting teeth by your dentist. Less expensive than implants, you may need to have your denture adjusted now and then to ensure a proper fit.

2. Bridges

Along with dentures, dental bridges in Reseda, CA are considered to be excellent options for those who can’t receive dental implants. If you get a tooth-supported bridge, this will consist of a false tooth and two caps for supporting teeth. Once your supporting teeth are shaven down by your dentist, the bridge will be put into place. Permanent and not removable like dentures, it can be made of metal, ceramic, or a combination of the two. If you prefer a less-invasive bridge, opt for a resin-bonded bridge. Not requiring teeth to be shaven down, it uses resin to attach the false tooth, and also uses resin behind the other teeth to hold the false tooth in place. Best of all, this procedure can be easily reversed in the future, should you change your mind or find other treatments may be available.

If you have gone for years without a full set of teeth, you have likely suffered emotionally and physically. However, by opting for one of these dental procedures, you can once again eat and smile with confidence. If you’ve been turned down for dental implants, consider one these options. By doing so and discussing your situation with your dentist in Reseda, CA, your smile can look fantastic once again.

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