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Interior Tooth Decay – What Is It, Why It Happens, and More

Most people expect that when they have issues with tooth decay, they would be able to see the problem. However, it is not at all uncommon for some points of decay to go unnoticed for months. This is especially the case when it comes to interior tooth decay.

What Is interior Tooth Decay?

Interior tooth decay is simply tooth decay that occurs on the inner, tongue-facing points of the teeth. For example, decay may start on the backside of your front teeth. In many cases, the decay is not visible, but you may feel changes to the back of your teeth when you run your tongue across the inward-facing surfaces.

What Causes Interior Tooth Decay?

Interior or inward decay has much the same causes as any other form of tooth decay. Bacteria, acid, plaque—all of these can be factors. Generally, if decay starts on the back of your forward-facing teeth, it can mean that you have neglected to be vigilant about cleaning these hidden surfaces. However, points of decay can also e telling about everyday habits. For example, smoking can be especially hard on the interior surfaces of your teeth because the hot smoke hits the back of your teeth when you exhale.

Can Interior Tooth Decay Be Treated?

Thankfully, dentists deal with all forms of tooth decay, including decay that starts in areas where the problem can be harder to reach. If you have points of decay starting on the interior surfaces of your teeth, the dentist will likely do general fillings. The general dental filling procedure involves:

  • Cleaning the area to remove the damaged enamel and any existing bacteria
  • Using a small drill to create a receiving point for filling material
  • Installing a dental filling

If decay has reached a point in which a filling is not enough to fix the issue, further treatments may have to be done. For example, you could need a root canal if the decay has reached into the inner layers of the tooth.

Talk to a Reseda Dentist About Tooth Decay

Any type of tooth decay is a serious threat to your oral health. If you have issues with interior tooth decay that you have just discovered, reach out to us at Canby Dental to schedule an appointment.

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