Invisible Braces for Teens: Common Parent FAQs

These days, braces to correct problems with a smile come in different forms, and invisible braces are an attractive solution for a lot of patients. Teens who can be self-conscious about their appearance tend to be the most interested. Here is a look at some frequently asked parent questions about invisible braces and the answers you should know.

Q. Can these braces work for all bite problems?

Invisible braces can work for most bite problems, such as large gaps between teeth, crowding, and over or underbite. However, there are some limitations. If there are severe problems with crowding, for example, traditional braces may be better than the invisible liners. In general, invisible aligners can be best for mild to moderate bite problems and traditional braces can be best for moderate to severe bite problems. Any good dentist can look at the bite problems that are present and determine if invisible braces will be a good solution.

Q. Will the treatment be as effective as traditional braces?

When invisible braces are used exactly as directed by the dentist, they can be just as effective for correcting common smile issues. It is a common misconception that the less-intense approach to straightening the teeth will yield less-than-stellar results, but this is just not the case.

Q. What happens if your teen won’t wear their aligners?

If you are having problems with your teen wearing their prescribed aligners as they should, it is best to talk to the dentist. These aligners must be worn for several hours out of the day in order for the treatment plan to be effective. Some teens may want to keep their aligners out when they go to school or when they are with friends, but this will prolong how long it will take to complete treatment. Plus, any progress that has been made may be at risk of reverting.

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Getting braces is a big deal as a teenager, and the invisible braces are always an attractive solution. If you and your teenager would like to know more about invisible braces, reach out to us at Canby Dental to find out more about scheduling an appointment.

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