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Options For Closing a Gap in Your Teeth

While there have been some celebrities who have turned a gap in their teeth into an iconic part of their personality, most people with gaps in their teeth tend to experience a loss of self-confidence when they look in the mirror. As a result, they want to get the gap closed so they can be proud of their smile. Depending on the size of the gap, where it is located, and other factors, the good news is that there are more and more treatment options available today to solve the problem.

Gap Bands

A new trend in dentistry, using gap bands is an affordable and easy way to close small gaps between teeth. Essentially, rubber bands that are worn around the two teeth surrounding the gap, are worn at night and have been known to produce results in as little as one week, although most people notice improvements in about three months. Though having a DIY feel, your treatment should still be supervised by a dentist.


A much more subtle approach to treating gaps, Invisalign is often used by adults who are self-conscious about their appearance. Minimally invasive, Invisalign trays are custom-designed for patients, are barely noticeable when being worn, and are worn at all times except when eating or brushing your teeth. A treatment always closely supervised by your dentist, is a good option for people who have multiple gaps in their teeth.

Dental Implants

If you have lost numerous teeth over the years and thus have very large gaps between your teeth, your dentist may recommend dental implants as your best treatment option. Able to give your mouth an entirely new look by replacing missing teeth with artificial ones that are attached to your jawbone, this is a treatment option that has been credited with revolutionizing dentistry.

Crowns and Veneers

If a gap between teeth is somewhat large, crowns and veneers are often used for treatment. Since both can be made to be slightly larger than the existing teeth, they can close the gap very easily and still give a natural appearance to one’s smile.

If you are curious about these or other treatment options that may be available for teeth gaps, schedule a consultation today with your family dentist in Reseda.


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