Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What to Expect

When wisdom teeth start to grow, they oftentimes pose problems for your oral health. Crowding, pain, and other issues can mean you need to have your wisdom teeth removed by the dentist. If you are scheduled for wisdom teeth removal surgery, it is best if you know what to expect in advance. Here is a look at a few things you can do to get prepared as a patient.

Most patients are given general anesthesia before the procedure.

The dentist may use local anesthetics given with a shot before extraction, but it is most common for the procedure to be performed under general anesthesia. Having you completely under anesthesia during the procedure allows the surgeon to access the wisdom teeth easier without causing you alarm or discomfort.

The dentist will give you recommendations about what foods to eat after surgery.

Once your surgery is over and you go home, you should not eat for a while until you have regained sensations in your mouth. Once you do, it is best to stick with soft, easy to chew and swallow foods. Applesauce, mashed potatoes, soft rice, and ice cream are good examples of foods to have on hand.

Wisdom teeth surgery is a short, outpatient procedure.

In the most typical cases, wisdom teeth removal surgery takes only about 45 minutes to complete. Some dentists perform the surgery right in their office if they have an anesthesiologist on staff. However, the procedure can also be performed as an outpatient at the hospital as well.

You may have stitches that have to be removed.

Some patients have stitches when the surgery is over, and these stitches may have to be removed during a follow-up visit once the gum tissue has healed a bit. If the stitches do not have to be removed, they will disintegrate on their own over time.

Get Prepared By Being Open with the Reseda Dentist About Surgery

Any time you must have teeth extracted it can be a bit unsettling. If you are concerned about the surgery and recovery process associated with wisdom teeth removal, be open with your dentist and discuss your concerns. Reach out to us at Canby Dental in Reseda, CA to schedule an appointment if you suspect you need your wisdom teeth removed.


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