What Are Adult Braces? 

It’s not always children who need braces. Even as an adult, you may require the services of an orthodontist from time to time. As you age, teeth sometimes shift due to trauma, loss, or extraction. This can lead to malocclusion, unsightly gaps, or other dental problems you’d like to address. Fortunately, your dentist in Reseda, CA, is happy to help with adult orthodontic solutions, including braces.

More About Adult Braces

Adults can benefit from braces, too. In fact, the only difference between having braces as a child and having them as an adult is the treatment time involved. Adult bone tissue is done growing. This means it’s less pliable, and teeth are not as easily repositioned. Still, adult braces will shift problematic teeth in the same way childhood braces do. As a result, you can still have that flawless, confident smile, regardless of age. It may just take a bit longer to achieve.

Who Can Have Adult Braces?

Most adults can benefit from braces. However, some dental problems may need to be addressed before you can get your new braces. These include:

  • Gum disease
  • Multiple cavities
  • Missing teeth

Because your oral health is ultimately more important than your aesthetic appearance, your dentist will want to address issues such as these before fitting you for adult braces.

What Options Do I Have?

You may be surprised at how braces have changed since you were a child, yourself. Today’s braces come in an assortment of styles, materials, and designs. You may choose from traditional metal braces or sleek, nearly invisible aligners that shift your teeth more discreetly. There are even adult versions, called lingual braces, that fit behind your teeth so they’re completely invisible when you talk or smile. Talk with your dentist regarding whether lingual braces are an option.

Call Canby Dental today for more information regardingadult braces in Reseda, CA. Our experienced and friendly team is happy to answer all brace-related questions. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation and to learn more about the many restorative dental procedures we offer. At Canby Dental, we want you to be happy with the smile you have.

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