3 Common Wisdom Tooth Complications  

The wisdom teeth are the very last pair of permanent teeth to erupt into a person’s mouth. Your wisdom teeth are positioned in the very back of your mouth, where they are also referred to as your “third molars.” A little over half of individuals have one or more wisdom teeth, while some people never grow even one wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth are “left over” from our ancestors, when they were needed to chew on a diet of tough meats and fibrous plant materials. In the present day, wisdom teeth often present complications, and need to be either extracted or surgically removed.

1. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

One of the changes that modern humankind has experienced over time is that our jaws have become smaller. Many people don’t have sufficient room in the jaw for wisdom teeth. What happens is that the wisdom teeth get impacted. This means that the tooth grows at an angle, disrupting the proper alignment of other teeth. In a complication like this, the wisdom teeth will need to be surgically removed.

2. Pain and Infection

When an impacted wisdom tooth grows improperly, it can lead to significant pain in the mouth and jaw. The nerve endings may be exposed because the tooth is growing at an irregular angle. Or it may be pushing an abutting tooth out of position, creating a gum pocket where bacteria can move in and cause infection.Regular dental checkups with your dentist in Reseda, CA can ensure that wisdom teeth problems never get to this stage.

3. Pushing Other Teeth Out of Alignment

It’s wonderful when teeth all grow straight and even, creating a beautiful smile. But imagine if, later on, wisdom teeth come along and slowly push all those straight teeth out of alignment? This happens more often than you might think. A simple wisdom teeth extraction in Reseda, CA can take care of this potential complication, helping to ensure that your beautiful straight teeth have adequate space in your mouth.

While removing wisdom teeth isn’t quite a rite of passage of growing up, it is quite common. Make sure you visit your dentist on a regular basis so that any potential wisdom teeth complications can be addressed before they cause too much damage. Contact us now to book your next appointment.


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