4 Ways to Make Tooth Brushing More Fun for Your Little One

Tooth brushing should be fun for children! By showing your child that brushing their teeth can be enjoyable, you can help your child learn good oral hygiene habits. Children who enjoy taking care of their teeth will do it with less arguing, and may also do a good job of taking care of their teeth. As your child’s dentist in Reseda, CA, we can help you come up with good ways to make tooth brushing more enjoyable. Below are some suggestions we give to parents who ask about this.

1. Do It Together

Kids of a certain age see their parents as role models, and enjoy doing what their parents do. By brushing your teeth with your child, you make brushing teeth a little more rewarding. Show your child how you brush your teeth, and encourage them to mimic your behavior.

2. Sing Songs

Show your child the way singing songs during tooth brushing time can make the activity more enjoyable. Kids should brush their teeth for two minutes each time they brush. Know how many songs you can sing in two minutes, and when you’re done, you’ll know that you’ve brushed your child’s teeth for the appropriate amount of time.

3. Let Your Child Enjoy Screen Time

Some kids love screen time, but get it rarely. Turn tooth brushing into a special treat by allowing your child to look at your phone or watch something on a tablet. You can make the time wholesome by allowing your child to look at children’s programming while getting their teeth brushed.

4. Compliment Your Child on Their Beautiful Teeth

Show your child that tooth brushing pays off. Compliment your child on their beautiful teeth, and let them know that it’s the brushing that’s making all the difference in the way your child’s teeth look. Your child will appreciate the compliments, and will start to associate tooth brushing with beautiful white teeth.

Want more suggestions for making tooth brushing an enjoyable part of your child’s day? Make a dental appointment in Reseda, CA with the pediatric dentist. Contact Canby Dental.

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