4 Things to Expect When You See the Dentist for a Cleaning

Most dentists recommend their patients come in for a dental cleaning twice annually. When you visit the dentist in Reseda, CA, you can expect the experience to be low-stress and productive. Good patient care, a short wait in the waiting area and a thorough dental cleaning are all part of the experience. Below, we’ve listed some of the things you can expect when you see the dentist for a cleaning.

1. Good Patient Care

At Canby Dental, we believe your dentist should provide good patient care to you by treating you with respect, and by demonstrating skill and competence when you sit down in the chair to be cleaned. We provide good patient care to all of our patients when they arrive for their dental cleaning.

2. Physical Examination

We’ll examine your teeth for signs of dental trouble, and alert you if we discover signs of a problem. We’ll examine your teeth and gums, and look for symptoms of conditions like gum disease.

3. Cleaning

We’ll remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, then clean your teeth with a gritty toothpaste that polishes the tooth enamel. This part is important because it makes your teeth slick and prevents plaque and tartar from sticking to your teeth.

4. Rinsing

We’ll rinse your teeth to get rid of anything left on your teeth after the cleaning is complete. The rinse contains liquid fluoride to help strengthen your tooth enamel.

5. Flossing

Your dental hygienist will floss your teeth deeply and thoroughly to get the spaces between your teeth completely clean. This flossing helps ensure that your teeth will remain in good condition until the next time you come in for a dental cleaning.

6. Opportunity to Get Answers to Your Questions

Once your teeth are cleaned, you’ll have an opportunity to get any answers you may have about your oral hygiene. If you don’t have any questions, we’ll discuss the findings we made when we gave you the physical examination. If we have any concerns, you’ll find out about it now. We’ll go over next steps and make a plan for remediation.

Are you due for a dental cleaning in Reseda, CA? Canby Dental is committed to ensuring that your dental cleaning is productive and pleasant. Call today to make an appointment.

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