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9 Signs Your Baby Is Teething And What to Do About It

Do you think your baby may be teething? Do you know what to do if your baby is teething? Knowing the signs and what to do if your baby is in discomfort can help make the teething experience better for you and your baby. Here’s what you should know.

Signs Your Baby is Teething

Sometimes, the signs that your baby is teething can look like the signs of having an ear infection. If your baby has recently had a cold, or if you have other reason to think that your baby may have an ear infection, speak with your baby’s doctor.

  1. Red, swollen gums
  2. One flushed cheek
  3. Low fever (not higher than 100 degrees)
  4. Rash on their chin (from drool)
  5. Drooling more than usual
  6. Difficulty sleeping
  7. Crabby
  8. Rubbing, hitting at or grabbing their ear
  9. Chewing things with vigor

When Does Teething Happen?

Teething can happen at different times, but the first teeth typically appear when the baby is 5 to 7 months old. The first teeth to appear are often the lower front teeth. The upper front teeth often appear at 6 to 8 months old.

What Can You Do to Help Your Baby Feel Better?

Babies who are teething can be comforted by chewing on teethers, or baby toys specifically designed for chewing. Your baby may also feel better if you allow them to chew on your finger. Your baby’s doctor may also recommend taking an infant’s dosage of acetaminophen, but do not give your baby any medicine unless it’s recommended by their doctor.

When Should You Take Your Baby to the Dentist for the First Time?

Once your baby has their first teeth, you should take them to see the dentist in Reseda, CA. If your baby does not have their first teeth by the time they turn one year old, bring your baby to see the dentist anyway.

If your baby’s first teeth have finally grown in, then it’s time for your baby’s first pediatric dental examination appointment in Reseda, CA. At Canby Dental, we can help. Call today to make an appointment for your baby’s first dental examination.



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