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How Does My Dentist Whiten My Teeth?

You’ve probably seen those over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits that make impressive claims. However, the best and most effective way to whiten teeth is to schedule a teeth-whitening procedure with your dentist in Reseda, CA. The process of whitening and brightening teeth is relatively simple, but it requires professional-grade materials and knowledge for best results. Here’s what you […]

What is Biofilm on Teeth?

It’s possible that you’ve heard the word “biofilm” at one of your Reseda, CA dentist appointments. It’s important to understand that dental biofilm begins as a very thin, almost undetectable, coating on the surface of teeth. Biofilm is almost undetectable, although you might have a general feeling that your teeth need to be brushed. Biofilm is dangerous […]

4 Signs Of a Good Pediatric Dentist

Many kids are nervous the first time they see a pediatric dentist. That’s why it’s helpful to bring your child to a pediatric dentist who understands their pediatric population and who knows how to bring them comfort. As a parent, it’s helpful to know the signs of a good pediatric dentist in Reseda, CA. Being able […]